Arctic Fox - Arctic Foxes are small foxes with beautiful white coats. They can be found in many places located around the North Pole and Arctic Circle. They eat small mammals, bird eggs and leftovers from other predators' meals.

Arctic Hare - Arctic Hares are rabbits found in Canada and Greenland. Their coats change color from white to grey from winter to summer. They eat different types of vegetation, including moss, berries and twigs, depending on what is available. They dig burrows in the snow to help keep warm.

Caribou - Caribou is simply the North American name for Reindeer. Caribou (or Reindeer) are found in many countries around the Arcitc Circle, such as Finland, Norway, Canada and Russia. In the wintertime they dig under the snow for moss and other lichens to eat.

Musk Ox - Musk Oxen have a somewhat similar appearance to buffalo or bison. They have unique horns that meet in the middle of their heads as opposed to the sides of their heads like buffalo. They are found in many countries around the Arctic, and eat moss, lichens and other vegetation.

Polar Bear - Polar Bears are one of the most famous tundra animals. They are the largest bears on Earth, and appear white, even though their fur is actually translucent. They mostly eat seals, but will also eat walruses and dead whale carcasses from time to time.